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To begin the process, we will send you a secure link to our HIPAA Consent Form- This form is for your protection and authorizes our dedicated prescription advocates to speak on your behalf with the programs and your doctor about your medication. Once executed, you will receive a copy for your records.

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Health Access Now Enrollment Process
Enrollment Process Details

Getting Started:
Submit the enrollment form online with no risk. Click the ‘enroll’ button to begin.

What You Will Need to Provide:

● Prescription Medication Information
● Healthcare Provider Information
● Household Income Information
● Payment Information

If we cannot access your medication, no charges will be applied. If you’ve been pre-qualified and your initial charge has been paid, but we can’t obtain your medication, you’ll be refunded any service fees paid for that medication.

Receive Your Medication:
Medications are typically delivered in a 90-day supply, ensuring ongoing therapy without lapses.

Additional Information:

● No Immediate Medication Delivery:
Ensure you have a few weeks’ supply during the initial process. Once your first shipment arrives, we guarantee continuous medication therapy.

● Direct Medication Ordering:
Medications are ordered directly from the United States based pharmaceutical manufacturers’ patient assistance programs, eliminating the need to visit a pharmacy.

● No Extra Cost for Medication:
The total cost is the $50.00 monthly service fee for each medication. Prescription Hope enrolls individuals into patient assistance programs for no additional costs or fees.

Eligibility Requirements:
Requirements vary for each pharmaceutical manufacturer’s patient assistance program. Health Access Now simplifies the application process, especially for those taking multiple medications.

the process
  • Submit Enrollment Form Online:
    Complete and submit your online enrollment form securely.
  • Get Pre-Qualified:
    We pre-qualify you based on the information submitted in your online form. Our service fee covers the assistance we provide; there are no additional costs or fees related to the medication.
  • Submit Documents:
    We request necessary documentation from you and your healthcare provider, required by pharmaceutical manufacturers to fulfill your medication order.
  • Receive Medication:
    Medications are delivered in a 90-day supply, directly to your home or healthcare provider’s office, as specified by the pharmaceutical company handling the shipment.
Health Access Now Provides
  • Access to over 1,500 FDA-approved brand-name medications
  • Transparent service fee of $50.00 per month for each medication
  • Ongoing refills to ensure continuous medication supply

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Connecting Better Health to Greater Savings - Your Access Now!